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Re: disk space anomaly

On Sat, Nov 25, 2000 at 06:54:06PM -0500, S.Salman Ahmed wrote:
> I have just installed Debian (woody) on a new system. I created a 2.5Gb
> partition to use as /usr/local.

> Currently, no software has been installed in /usr/local or no files have

> When I check using cfdisk, cfdisk shows the size of /usr/local as being
> correct: 2.5Gb.

> When I check using df, here is what I get:
> (df)
> /dev/hda9              2166280    646320   1409920  32% /usr/local

> Output of du -ah :
> 104k    /usr/local

> What is going on ? Is there a problem with the woody version of the
> package that provides df ? Is there something I am missing ? What is
> occupying 632Mb of space on /usr/local (as shown by df) ?

Did you do a bad block scan when you initialized the partition? If you did,
maybe this space is being taken up by bad blocks (you can check for bad
blocks again with the badblocks program). If you have bad blocks on a brand
new computer you should be able to get a warranty replacement.

Harry Henry Gebel, ICQ# 76308382
West Dover Hundred, Delaware

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