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Re: I want out!

On Tue, Nov 21, 2000 at 10:13:46AM -0500, Ken Januski wrote:
> If the description for subscribing to list is changed from Subscribe to "Get
> Trapped in List" maybe people will pay more attention to the instructions
> for getting both in and out.:-)
Don't know if "Get Trapped" is the right expression.
I have learnt a lot from this list  even  after five
years on Linux, and I am  learning new  things every
day. This is the most helpful and knowledgeable list
that I have suscribed to amongst all the Linux lists
that I have encountered. YMMV!
> I see both sides of this issue. I still haven't configured email on debian
> so get my mail via Windows so a more Windows friendly method of
> unsubscribing would be useful to me (if I ever decide to unsubscribe) and
> others. On the other hand there's probably even more to say for keeping up
> an  honored tradition.
Got your point (see remarks below)
> Finally, after having read about 6 months worth of Stupid Unsubscriber
> Rants, I'd have to say that an inordinate number of people seem to enjoy the
> opportunity of exercising that rant. Another tradition?:-)
> Ken

Its not that difficult through Windows as well.  Any
mailer could be used (even MS Outlook).  All that is
needed is to send a BLANK mail with the subject line
reading : "unsubscribe" (without quotes ofcourse) to
debian-user-requests@lists.debian.org. Have your sig
disabled during the mail so that contents are  BLANK
for sure.This is all that the line stated below does 
when the cryptic bit of text is actually typed.

mail -s unsubscribe debian-user-request@lists.debian.org < /dev/null

mail ................ the program used to send mail
-s   ................ send switch for mail
unsubscribe ......... subject 
debian-user etc. .... addressee
< /dev/null ......... piped in nil contents.

The above explanation would be superfluous for most
of the list... Just placing it for absolute newbies 
still in need of some assistance.

If you have perl installed for DOS (or Unix/ Linux)
I am prepared to send you a perl script  which  can
send such mail directly using your SMTP address and
is independent of configured mailing systems, be it
DOS/Windows or Linux.

In any case you can always "unsuscribe" through the
links at debian.org, Can't you ?


USM Bish

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