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Re: I want out!

There must be some entrenched attitudes here. I don't see why
people want to punish others for not understanding the syntax
of a command that most people never use.

I must admit that the neatest trick I've seen is that used by egroups:
sending *anything* to the address


would unsubscribe from debian-user. I would add an extension: sending
*anything* to the address


would unsubscribe from all Debian lists.

Quoting USM Bish (bish@nde.vsnl.net.in):
> mail -s unsubscribe debian-user-request@lists.debian.org < /dev/null
> mail ................ the program used to send mail
> -s   ................ send switch for mail

Well, strictly, this is wrong. -s indicates that the next
argument is the subject line for the email.

> unsubscribe ......... subject 

BTW I read this list on Vaxmail and then Pine for W3.1 for about a year.


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