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Re: I want out!

If the description for subscribing to list is changed from Subscribe to "Get
Trapped in List" maybe people will pay more attention to the instructions
for getting both in and out.:-)

I see both sides of this issue. I still haven't configured email on debian
so get my mail via Windows so a more Windows friendly method of
unsubscribing would be useful to me (if I ever decide to unsubscribe) and
others. On the other hand there's probably even more to say for keeping up
an  honored tradition.

Finally, after having read about 6 months worth of Stupid Unsubscriber
Rants, I'd have to say that an inordinate number of people seem to enjoy the
opportunity of exercising that rant. Another tradition?:-)


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> On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 10:54:47PM -0500, Noah L. Meyerhans wrote:
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> >
> > Sure, but it still doesn't make any sense that all other Debian lists
> > that I'm on have nice clear instructions at the bottom of every message
> > describing how to get off the list, while the user list, arguably the
> > list with the largest newbie population, has a command that needs to be
> > run from a Unix system with a *working mail server*!  Not only that, but
> > the command is split across 2 lines, making it even harder for newbies
> > to use effectively.  Newbies are
> > 1) less likely to be logged in to a Unix system with a working
> > mail command
> > and
> > 2) less likely to grok the command in the first place.
> >
> > So why is it that the laptop list, the IPv6 list, the devel list, the
> > security list, the security-announce list, and probably many others have
> > nice, clean instructions on unsubscribing *including* an address to
> > contact if you have troubles.  Here's what the other lists have:
> > begin quote:
> > To UNSUBSCRIBE, email to debian-ipv6-request@lists.debian.org
> > with a subject of "unsubscribe". Trouble? Contact
> > end quote.
> >
> > I've Cc'd listmaster with this message in the hope that a change will be
> > made.
> >
> I've been on and off this list for a couple years.  I just started using
> Debian again after about a 6 month layoff.  I'm glad to see this string is
> still going:)  Maybe it is perverse of me but I would hate to see the
> instructions change.  It is a tradition:)  On the other hand I can
> not knowing what the instructions meant when I first started but I did
> something crazy when I wanted to unsubscribe - I went to the Debian web
> and I followed links on that page that took me to the information that I
> needed to unsubscribe.  It was a long and grueling process;)  If someone
> does get "trapped" in this list and can't figure out how to "get out"
> tells them how.
> kent
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