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Re: which software for professional Mailling? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

On Sat, Oct 14, 2000 at 06:13:26PM +0200, Matthias Mann wrote:
> My experience with buisnes in web is not very big. Do you have some idears
> what i can do to reach more hundrets of people per day over the internet,
> whithot paying more than the online time? It is very important for me to
> reach very much people, cause i like to sell immovables. They will surely
> not so easy to sell like bread or books. And my budget is very small, so it
> is not possible for me, to pay for a big publicity campaign.

    Who says the people want to be reached?

    How about this? In this world of completely inpersonal spam emails,
phonecalls and billboard signs, why don't you go, in person, and solicit
services from people? If you're talking about web design, there are problem
plenty of people locally that would desire your service if you actually make
the effort to go to them and politely state your case around their schedule.
Leave them a business card. Shake their hands and look them in the eye. You'll
probably get 10 times the business than if you annoy them with email that they
delete before reading. 
    My wife and I have gotten business by casually asking someone if they had
a webpage for the business that they just finished telling us about. 

    Just a thought.


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