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Re: update-inetd problem

On Sat, 14 Oct 2000, Shaul Karl wrote:

> > # update-inetd --add telnet
> > The entry definition does not contain any whitespace characters!
> > 
> > What does this message mean? What am I doing wrong?
> > 
> I do not understand you well, can you write the context of what you are doing?
> Anyway, if you are just trying to run update-inetd and are getting this 
> message then you might check the possibility that the script is broken.

I am running Debian 2.2., a new installation (my first). I would like to
add telnet to the services of inetd.conf. The file cautions me to use only
update-inetd to do this.

My general question is 'How do I use update-inetd to add telnet to my
inetd.conf services?' I have read the update-inetd man page and the
associated man pages and it is still not clear.

Dwight Johnson

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