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Re: which software for professional Mailling? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I´m very sorry!

In germany, my home country, it is entirely legal to send others letters
with advertising material into their letterboxes. The same is valid for

Have a nice day!

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At 11:28 PM 10/13/00 +0200, you wrote:
>I like to work with big archives of mailadresses and need a program that
>is able to send SPAM and organize to let it be, that people they don´t
>like my SPAMS will get never a Mail of me again. And i could need a tool
>that can scan the web for mailadresses. Is there somthing like that on the
>4CD set of Debian 2.2r0 potato?
>Thanx for every useful tip!

Certainly - you need to call the Federal Trade Commission on 1-800-3825-948
(1) and ask for the e-mail spam department.  They will advise you on the
nearest mafia detachment and advise them to come and beat some nettiquite
into you with steel bars.

Spam is bad.  Understand?

Go to http://www.cauce.org/ for more information on why spam is bad.

If you were in my family, you wouldn't be for much longer.


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