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debian rocks

	I have to tell you, the more I use Debian, the more I like
it. It's not the big things. The big thing is that it's Linux. It's the
little things. 
	I go hunting for the default vimrc file installed when I grabbed
vim. On every *nix system in the world, it's probably in a subdirectory of
the install. On Debian, it's symlinked to files in /etc, where all the
config files are and should be. Wasn't that way on Mandrake/RedHat. 
	Kudos people. Don't let commercial interests screw it up or force
you to be sloppy. This is a work of art. 


"To listen to the words of the learned, and to instill into others the
lessons of science, is better than religious exercises."
		-- Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) 

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