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Re: My quite ordinary comment about Re: GR to remove non-free...

On Thu, Jun 08, 2000 at 03:49:50PM -0400, Andrew Whitlock wrote:
> > > A typical newbie won't start with Debian
> >
> >    While that is probably true, I don't think that should be the basis for
> > Debian's mode of operation.  Debian needs new users and it needs to be
> > designed to appeal to new users while still maintaining the qualities that
> > separate it from the other GNU/Linux distributions.
> I'm a newbie, I started with Debian ^_^

'Grats.  I switched after 2.5 yrs. of RH a decade of prior on again /
off again Unix experience.

> For what it's worth, I've had to install non-.deb packages in /usr/local,
> and to tell the truth I like having it installed "properly" with dpkg.  I
> just subbed last night and this thread has kinda been a downer for me,
> although I intend to stick with the distribution (it's great!).  There seem
> to be varying opinions as to the implications of the motion.  My novice mind
> sees slower upgrade paths and more junk in /usr/local, but others seem to
> not see it that way...
> As a newbie to Debian and proud owner of a mere 56Kbps connection, I'd have
> to say I much prefer stuff on the distribution CDs ^_^;;  It's not clear to
> me at this juncture whether the motion really means the non-free will be
> pulled from the distribution altogether, but it seems logical.

I cheat and have two phone lines, but I installed and maintain my home
system over 56k dialup.  I'm typing this from work via ssh to same box.
If you can cron your updates, a slow link becomes much more manageable,
interactive browsing is the only real downer.

> ...and hello, I'm new ;-)  Sorry for the largely opinionated content.


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> Andrew W.

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