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Re: What version of PPP...

>My main reason for asking is that I'm trying to get a 128K ISDN
>to work with a Zyxel TA and the FAQ on their UK site says that the
>version of PPP is needed, suggesting to look for this with dmesg and
>following should be seen: "PPP: version 2.3.8 (demand dialling)"

I am using an external ZyXEL omni.net TA here. If yours is external too,
you simply need to change "ATDT" in the chat config file to "ATDI". "I"
for ISDN as opposed to "T" for tone, I assume. I'm using the standard
pppd that ships with potato.
For my particular configuration / ISP I also had to use "ATB20" to use
the V.120 protocol for the dial.


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