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Re: New Kernel: make-kpkg vs. make bzLilo

>>>>> "ekw" == eric k wolven <wyrdwulf@catskill.net> writes:

    ekw> Ingo: Get the "kernel package" (dselect or apt-get) & install

    ekw> unpack kernel-source. etc.

    ekw> make menuconfig or xconfig

    ekw> then: make-kpkg clean

    ekw> then: make kpkg --revision=custom.1.0 kernel_image

    ekw> then: cd /usr/src

    ekw> then: dpkg -i kernel-image(etc).deb

Some people have mentioned earlier making another target as well : modules
(or modules_install). Is that necessary ?

I have followed the above procedure that you mention a number of times
without any problems, and have had no problems with modules. When is make
modules_install necessary ??

One other thing: are there any problems compiling 2.2.12 or 2.2.13 with gcc
2.95.2 ?? I read today in the 2.2.13 kernel's release notes at
<http://www.linux.org.uk/VERSION/relnotes.2213.html> that gcc 2.95 should
not be used to compile 2.2.13.

Has anyone tried compiling the recent kernels (ie 2.2.10-12) with gcc 2.95
or 2.95.2 ? Any problems ??

I would like to try compiling the new 2.2.13 on my Celeron using gcc

Salman Ahmed
ssahmed AT interlog DOT com

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