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linux kernel compile

First I would just like to thank the people behind the Debian
I work with software and have been very impressed with the way they have

organized their system distribution updates. to me ( still a "newbie")
dselect is a vital tool worth it's weight in gold!

1.)  I installed Debian GNU/ Linux 2.1  using floppy images downloaded
the internet.
     - My system is Dual pentium 200 Mhz, 3Com 3C905, NE2000 ( linksys-
isa), Diamond Firport HP C310 SCSI-2 , with 96 Meg ram, Acer CD-ROM
     - Install worked great and when I boot up I get eth0 (3Com) and
(ne2000), all modules loaded perfectly no erroneous messages on boot
     - However no SMP support and driver for the 3Com card does not work

correct (messages in /var/log/syslog problems with irq)
     - DHCPD client daemon started ( I want to use a cable modem) no
address from ifconfig -a for eth1.

2.) I recompile my kernel using "make-kpkg" and kernel-source-2.0.36
     - make menuconfig
     - make dep
     - make-kpkg clean
     - make-kpkg --revision=smp700 kernel-image
     - make-kpkg --revision=smp700 modules-image
     - cd..
     - dpkg --install kernel-source-2.0.36_smp700_i386.deb
     - here I have to mv /lib/modules/2.0.36 to /lib/modules/2.0.36.old
     - then I get prompted to make a boot floppy since I cannot boot
my scsi (bios does not see it) I attempt it
     - use your current /etc/lilo.conf? I say yes
     - error testing lilo.conf........etc
     - re execute dpkg --install kernel-source-2.0.36_smp700_i386.deb
     - create boot floppy and new lilo.conf

3.) When I reboot I lose my eth1 (NE2000) and get multiple messages such
cannot find module ne.............etc
     - SMP works great, no eth1, eth0 works just fine( 3C905), dhcpcd
problems great (no interface..attached to eth1)
     - If i try to boot off an old floppy (not created by compile) I
get the same messages but with no SMP support.

I believe something about the way I compiled my kernel is causing me
problems. However I selected "Loaded modules support" and the drivers
required for both ethernet cards. i.e. 3c59x and ne.

What can I do to get both ethernet cards working and all modules loaded
boot time and still keep my SMP support?

and help is greatly appreciated.Thank You!


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