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Re: LILO on second drive?

On Sun, Oct 03, 1999 at 04:51:31PM -0400, Todd Suess wrote:
> Mainly because my /dev/hda is a large drive (17 gigs) and I do not want to 
> risk replacing
> my win98 MBR, etc, even though I have backups of everything, having to 
> reload it all would
> be a royal pain, abd quite time consuming.  Since BIOS supports booting 
> from any drive,
> why should lilo not be able to do it also?

Actually, it does.

For example, on one system I have a single IDE drive (it was cheap :))
and the rest is SCSI.  LILO wanted to believe that my BIOS would only
boot from IDE if it was there.  (Some BIOSes do that, but not mine.)

So I added the following to lilo.conf:
disk = /dev/sda
  bios = 0x80

In your case, something like:
disk = /dev/hdb
  bios = 0x81

should work fine.

This is covered in the LILO docs.

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