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Re: LILO on second drive?

Mainly because my /dev/hda is a large drive (17 gigs) and I do not want to risk replacing my win98 MBR, etc, even though I have backups of everything, having to reload it all would be a royal pain, abd quite time consuming. Since BIOS supports booting from any drive,
why should lilo not be able to do it also?


t 10:35 AM 10/3/1999 -0700, Ernest Johanson wrote:
No idea about installing an MBR on a slave drive, but why not put the
additional configuration in your lilo.conf and boot from your master
drive? That way you can control the boot process from the lilo prompt with
out having to go into the BIOS.

Ernest Johanson
Web Systems Administrator
Fuller Theological Seminary

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