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LILO on second drive?

Greetings all,

Having read various docs, etc on Lilo, and having never used it before (Always
had Linux on it's own primary drive, etc) I would like to use lilo to make a slave drive bootable (kinda tired of using boot floppies). Now, my BIOS supports booting from any drive letter, so even tho I have OS's installed on /dev/hda I can tell the bios to boot drive , /hdb1 and basically ignore the existance of /dev/hda alltogether.

The problem is that lilo refuses to install a master boot record, etc, because it correctly detects that it is being asked to do so on a secondary drive. Basically
I would like to be able to force lilo to do what I want, and make the secondary
drive completely bootable so I can just switch my bios between booting drive 0
and drive 1 at will.

When I boot drive D at this time, I get a lilo prompt that looks similar to this:

F1:  linux
F2:  ????
F3:  linux

F3 default.

The machine then locks up.

Any suggestions?


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