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Re: Debian vs. RedHat

Dan Nguyen wrote:
> In article <7f8i7t$c08@tekka.wwa.com> you wrote:
> : In article <MPG.11734320c76ffa9f989761@news.bctel.net>,
> : Luca Filipozzi <lucanntp@ise.bc.ca.spamsucks> wrote:
> : :It's unfortunate that the Debian install is difficult in comparison to
> : :RedHat.

Having just switched to Debian 2.1 from RH 5.2, I think the Debian
install is easier and more informative.
> Dselect is a major problem, however it's actually not that bad.  I
> have no problems with dselect.

Its just a case of getting used to it. I prefer dselect to RH's glint.
In fact after using Debian for about a week now I'm not changing back to
RH (or SUSE for that matter).
I also see that some here have trouble with Cheapbyte CD's. I must be
lucky with mine as the install went perfectly, first time.
My only slight grumble is that Debian does not have a detailed LILO
setup during the install. Then again, its fun reading the docs and
figuring it out yourself.


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