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Re: where is xmem(hamm)?

On Fri, Dec 25, 1998 at 11:07:38PM +0100, Peter Bartosch wrote:

Hello Peter!

> > I grepped the contents-file for it but did not find it, I also
> > searched the mailing lists archive at debian.org, but to no avail.
> > I found someone asking where xmem had gone, but there was no answer.
> you´re not alone, i´ve asked for xmem some time ago, but nobody could help
> IIRC xmem was a contained in xcontrib

Yes, I think so, too.

> someone said that xmem was a symlink to xload - but i couldn´t find such
> option for xload - so i´ve searched for some equivalent

I was told the same by someone on debian-user-de@jfl.de - but he didn't
elaborate any further. I read the manpage and tried linking xmem to xload
and running it as xmem - but that didn't help either.

> the only thing my requirements nearly fill was xosview, except
> the size (i´ve used xmem swallowed into an fvwm-panel)

Meanwhile I've been using xosview, too, but what I used to love about xmem
is its ability to show a "history" of the ram usage - xosview and most other
tools just show the present state.

> mabye some other guys know where it´s gone
> > Any help appreciated.
> yes from me too ;)

I received an email from David Stern <dstern@u.washington.edu>, who
provided an URL to the xmem source on sunsite:


First I'll try that one (thanks David!), and in case it fails, I'll try
unpacking the xmem executable off the old bo xcontrib package and use that.


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