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Re: where is xmem(hamm)?


> Hello fellow Debian users!
> When I ran bo on my system I used to have a small util named xmem running,
> which showed memory utilization in X11. I upgraded to Debian 2.0 a few
> months ago and have not yet been able to relocate xmem.
> I grepped the contents-file for it but did not find it, I also searched the
> mailing lists archive at debian.org, but to no avail. I found someone asking
> where xmem had gone, but there was no answer.

you´re not alone, i´ve asked for xmem some time ago, but nobody could help

IIRC xmem was a contained in xcontrib

someone said that xmem was a symlink to xload - but i couldn´t find such
option for xload - so i´ve searched for some equivalent

the only thing my requirements nearly fill was xosview, except the size (i´ve 
used xmem swallowed into an fvwm-panel)
xosview´s graphical view disorts if the geometry decreases against zero --
mmm, it´s lacking a minimal restriction and the font doesn´t resize
(i´ve only seen the xosview from hamm and slink)

mabye some other guys know where it´s gone

> Any help appreciated.

yes from me too ;)

until next mail ;)

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