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Re: backup using hard disk - any ideas

JonesMB wrote:
> I recently had a hard drive die on me causing me to lose lots of data.  I 
> have rebuilt my system (a K6/233 with Debian on 1GB and Win95 on 1GB) and I'm 
> looking at various ways of backing up my data so I don't lose it all again.  
> I currently have about 2 GB of drive space that I am not using and want to 
> devote to backing up my system.  At worst I can just do a cpio or tar but I 
> am sure there is a more elegant way to do it.  There might even be a package 
> which does this.  Any ideas are appreciated.

I've been using taper for a long time to do a nightly backup of 1 gb of data
to a spare hard drive. It works great. You can set it up to do the backups
fully automatically and mail you the results, and it can do incrementals.

see shy jo

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