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installing, bad primary partition fatal error

I tried installing debian 1.3 after downloading it from the website.
I made a rescue floppy and attempted an install from DOS with loadlin
(1.6).  From loadlin, I got the following message during the install
process (but before configuring the monitor or keyboard):
Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 01:00
I was then able to boot back into DOS/Win95. (I have 8M ram and a 285M
IDE hard drive.)  I then attempted to boot/install Linux from the
rescue disk.  The following error occured when I was adding partitions
 (after configuring monitor and keyboard):
I tried a few more times each way with the same results (FATAL ERROR
for rescue floppy and Kernel panic for loadlin).  Can someone please
help me figure out what to do?
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