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SOLVED: Re: recompiling kernel

On Tue, May 05, 1998 at 12:02:30PM -0400, Bill Leach wrote:
> Hi Gerald;
> Though I noticed your original posting I did not then comment for it 
> being too much of a 'blind leading the blind' situation.

	More like the blind leading the stupid... Read on.

> What I did notice is that the lines you quoted:


> should work.  I am most assuredly not a shell guru but the command
> 'hash' is a bash internal command.  _I_ would expect that shells other
> than bash should work correctly because the 'hash' command itself
> would not exist and that would be an error.

	Your talk of shells other than bash made something click that should
have clicked before.  Bash is the shell I use.  However, not so long ago, I
changed the /bin/sh symlink from bash to ash so that netscape helper apps
would not get screwed up by the double parantheses problem.  

	I keep a log of changes to and maintainance on my system.  When I
saw this symlink change, I reasoned that root's shell is bash, and since I
never saw any #!/bin/sh as the first line of any of the files I looked
through, bash would be used.  I never gave it a second thought.  

	Thanks for coming forward.  And thanks to all those who offered
help.  I'll likely be back as I have compiled but things are not working as
smoothly as they might.  But I am going to go back to the docs first.

	Thanks again to all.

	Gerald Crimp

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