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Re: recompiling kernel

On Sun, Apr 19, 1998 at 11:39:52PM +0200, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> Try kernel-package. "make-kpkg --revision custom.1.0 kernel-image" will
> creat you a deb file with your kernel. Then install the deb file in /usr/src
> with "dpkg -i <filename>" and answer "yes" when it is offering to make a
> boot disk. This will install the kernel on the root partition, too. You may
> not want this... but your old image is still in vmlinuz.old (and it is a
> good idea to have a lilo entry for it).
> Marcus

	I finally installed the kernel-package as you suggested.  I was
hoping first to find out where my problem was coming from with the
non-Debian specific kernel compile procedures.  I am back to square one
after trying `make-kpkg --revision custom.1.0 kernel-image'.  It poops out
at exactly the same place.  

	I am at my wits end.  This is basically a paint by numbers procedure
for me.  I follow the instructions and do what I'm told.  I don't have a
deep understanding of all the pieces that come together to produce a kernel. 
I am especially frustrated that I compiled a kernel a few months ago with no
problems.  I resubmit the error output in the hopes that someone can help me
get to the bottom of this, or point me to other resources to which I might
turn (I have already posted to comp.kernel.sources without result).  I would
really like to get sound support into the kernel.

	Please note the following highlights from the following output.  I
do not have encaps on my system (`find / -iname encaps', `type encaps',
'file encaps' all negative).  To my mind, this means that the `else'
clause should be selected rather than the `then' clause of the `if'
statement (thus sidestepping the curious illegal `-k' option).  It remains a
mystery to me why I get this error even if I use the old .config file (no
sound support) which was used to compile the kernel I currently run.  What
could I have possibly changed on my system that is causing me this grief ?

	Any help would be greatly appreciated.  If less abbreviated output,
or other info (config files, directory listings, etc) is required, please
let me know.  Here is the standard output:

make[4]: Entering directory
tmppiggy=/tmp/$$piggy; \
rm -f $tmppiggy $tmppiggy.gz $tmppiggy.lnk; \
if hash encaps 2> /dev/null; then \
  objdump -k -q  -o 0x100000 /usr/src/kernel-source-2.0.30/vmlinux >
$tmppiggy; \
else \
  objcopy -O binary -R .note -R .comment -R .stab -R .stabstr
/usr/src/kernel-source-2.0.30/vmlinux $tmppiggy; \
fi; \


objdump: illegal option -- k
Usage: objdump [-ahifdDprRtTxsSlw] [-b bfdname] [-m machine] [-j
       [--archive-headers] [--target=bfdname] [--debugging] [--disassemble]
       [--disassemble-all] [--disassemble-zeroes] [--file-headers]
       [--section-headers] [--headers]
       [--info] [--section=section-name] [--line-numbers] [--source]
       [--architecture=machine] [--reloc] [--full-contents] [--stabs]
       [--syms] [--all-headers] [--dynamic-syms] [--dynamic-reloc]
       [--wide] [--version] [--help] [--private-headers]
       [--start-address=addr] [--stop-address=addr]
       [--prefix-addresses] [--show-raw-insn]
       [-EB|-EL] [--endian={big|little}] objfile...
at least one option besides -l (--line-numbers) must be given
objdump: supported targets: elf32-i386 a.out-i386-linux srec symbolsrec
tekhex binary ihex trad-core
encaps: not found


make: *** [stamp-image] Error 2
root:/usr/src/linux #


	Gerald Crimp

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