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Question about libc5 - libc6 upgrade.

Hi Folks,

I was considering upgrading to hamm, but my wonderfull ISP just decided
that it was going to charge $0.25 for every Meg over 300M downloaded
each month. Given that I almost use that anyway, it'll take me about a
year to download hamm without it costing me a fortune...

Anyway, I would like to get my hands on some of the hamm packages, so I
thought I'd maybe just start by upgrading to libc6 and taking it from
there. I've read the mini-HOWTO, and got all the needed packages, but
before I take the plunge, just wanted to make sure all was clear...

Am I likely to break much if i just upgrade those packages listed in the
mini-HOWTO? Have many people done this succesfully, and if so, is there
anything in particular (other than what is listed in the HOWTO) that I
should be aware of?



Damon Muller (damon@lenore.empire.net.au)
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