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Re: Problem solved:StarOffice,printing and dj, again!

Good news.  The problem is solved.  First, what I needed to do was enter a PRINTER=hp870rm and associated export statement to make this the default printer.  hp870rm is the name of the device actually connected remotely via the rm and rp entries in printcap.  This allowed the proper connection to the nt4.0 lpd service by way of hp870rm and 'lpq -Php870rm' responds normally.  Any printing is still sent to lp, the printer with the filter attached in printcap, then gets routed through the remote printer.  Lastly, using your short script, and checking the man page for lpr, I added a '-l' to get

'/usr/sbin/dj550c-filter $* | lpr -l -Php870rm -U$5'.

Without the -l, an unusual character set gets printed but  with the -l the control codes are evidently passed to the printer to do what they're supposed to do.  Star Writer 3 now prints very well.

I appreciate the help.

tony mollica

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