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Re: reply:StarOffice,printing and dj, again!

Jens.  Here's a twist.  I've attached a short text file clipped from the Linux Printing Howto.  Apparently, the input filter is not run when printing to remote printers.  The clip describes setting up a double print queue in order to run the input filter, but still no luck.  I'm not sure I understand what needs to be done to make the double queue work properly.  Have you seen any setup like the one in the clip before?

tony mollica

  10.8.  Running an if for remote printers

  One oddity of lpd is that the if is not run for remote printers.  If
  you find that you need to run an if, you can do so by setting up a
  double queue and requeueing the job.  As an example, consider this


  in light of this filter-lj-5 script:

       gs <options> -q -dSAFER -sOutputFile=- - | \
               lpr -Plj-5-remote -U$5

  The -U option to lpr only works if lpr is run as daemon, and it sets
  the submitter's name for the job in the resubmitted queue correctly.
  You should probably use a more robust method of getting the username,
  since in some cases it is not argument 5.  See the man page for

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