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Re: reply:StarOffice,printing and dj, again!

Thanks for the replies.

For Paul Thompson: I wasn't sure exactly what that did and that was a test to see what condition the message was in when it came back to me.  Now I know.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears Netscape will pick the proper format for the message and recipient if you pick the 'send both types' box before transmitting.  That one time I forced it to send in HTML.  Bad idea for some.
I've turned this off.  Let me know if it doesn't work properly.


For the rest who provided guidance on my printing problem.  The Star Writer package inserts the postscript stuff at the beginning of the file.  The first line is '%!PS-Adobe-3.0 EPSF-3.0' and the file is saved as a .sdw file.  I saw somewhere that the filters don't check the file suffix but instead look for the clues in the file itself to determine the filetype and filtering stuff.  However, the little test file goes right through and prints all 6 or so lines.  Looks like the
file is not going through the filter(s).  Let me get a little lengthy to understand the route the file takes.  When I print from Star Writer, let's say, the lpr command is used.  At this point, the  input filter from printcap is applied (dj550c-filter) which starts magicfilter (#! /usr/sbin/magicfilter) which then applies the magicfilter configuration file to identify the file type, then passes that information back to dj550c-filter which then hands it over to gs (if it is a PS file) with the appropriate command line parameters and then to the printer.

I don't think the file type is identified properly and as a result, is passed through
as regular text.  Is there a way to test whether the problem is with magicfilter or gs, or a way to test each separately?

thank for the help,

tony mollica

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