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Re: update:StarOffice,printing and dj, again!

Hi!  Just an update on this printing situation from StarOffice to a remote nt4.0, hp870Cse.  I've tried your suggested printcap and script and still no luck, BUT after some minor fiddling with the entries I have part of this operation working and I can watch the document pass through the first spool directory and stop in the second.  lpq show that there is a entry waiting to be printed, but 'no daemon present'.  I think the problem now lies with the way nt4.0 lpd identifies its printers to the Linux box.  My old printcap without the double queue apparently allowed lpq, from linux, to get information directly from the nt4.0 lpd spooler.  The double queue configuration doesn't allow this to happen and lpq(linux) finds no printers connected to nt4.0.   Somewhere along the line, nt4.0 assigns the 'hp870' name to the nt4.0 lpd printer and I can't identify where or how this happens.  As always,  without the double queue and/or filter(s), plain text goes straight through with no problems.

I'll keep working on it.

tony mollica

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