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Re: How unstable is hamm?

Hi John;

I have one PC running hamm.  Part of my "motivation" for switching to hamm
is that I also have two Amiga 3Ks running debian linux and for those
essentially hamm is not an option.  It is I think, useful to try to keep
the debian machines all running the same version.  The PC does however,
have a 1.3.1r6 system also installed.

As to a general opinion concerning stability, the hamm base system has not
given me any trouble.  The problems that I have seen are most often
related to installing or further upgrading packages.

I suppose that like about anyone that is cocky enough to believe that they
"know their way around Unix (and therefore Linux)", I several times used
"force" with dpkg or dselect--and usually regretted it.

What I am finding with hamm however is that dependencies are often not
correct and that it seems that you must aften force dselect.  This is
definately an "uncomfortable" thing for me now but unless there is
something else that I am missing it is required.

I have also had dselect "render" my system incapabile of a full boot a
couple of times following an install session.  The last being a couple of
days ago and was an fsck check failure.  Dselect had removed libcom_err
which it seem caused e2fsck to fail to load.  Dselect displayed a conflict
and I forced an override--it worked.  I am probably remiss in that I have
not bothered to record in detail exactly what happened.

In spite of what I have said though, the PC hamm system stays up,
tolerates numerous mistakes on my part (sometimes even as root) and as a
system has not yet crashed.  My own confidence in hamm is getting pretty
high as my experience with it continues to show me that unless either I or
dselect does something wrong, the system will stay up and if something is
done wrong, it has been relatively easy to correct. YMMV of course.


On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, John Bradley Fitzgibbons wrote:

> I've been watching all of the messages concerning libc6 upgrades and now
> I've just got to ask.  How unstable is hamm?  My major interest is due to
> development.  I'd really like to start playing around with version 6, but
> I'd hate to destroy my system to do it... :)  I have an admin level
> knowledge of unix so feel free to be honest with me.  Thanks in advance
> for any input.
> Brad Fitzgibbons
> UNT CAS Computing Services
> brad@unt.edu

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