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Re: How unstable is hamm?

On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, John Bradley Fitzgibbons wrote:

>I've been watching all of the messages concerning libc6 upgrades and now
>I've just got to ask.  How unstable is hamm?  My major interest is due to
>development.  I'd really like to start playing around with version 6, but
>I'd hate to destroy my system to do it... :)  I have an admin level
>knowledge of unix so feel free to be honest with me.  Thanks in advance
>for any input.

Can't be too bad if Redhat is basing 5.0 on it... And its considered 
released.  (Although, I think 2.0.5c is still considered beta, wasn't
2.1 supposed to be the commercial grade release?)

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