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Re: How unstable is hamm?

On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, bleach wrote:

> I have also had dselect "render" my system incapabile of a full boot a
> couple of times following an install session.  The last being a couple of
> days ago and was an fsck check failure.  Dselect had removed libcom_err
> which it seem caused e2fsck to fail to load.  Dselect displayed a conflict
> and I forced an override--it worked.  I am probably remiss in that I have
> not bothered to record in detail exactly what happened.

It was more like, e2fslibsg removed e2fsprogs but didn't install
e2fsprogsg to replace it.  I did some pouting about that on another
mailing list.  I think the bottom line is, if you use Hamm you're
getting the latest features and the latest bugs, so you have to be
a bit of a gambler; it's usually fine, but there's no guarantee
that nobody uploaded a bad package today.

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