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Re: How unstable is hamm?

>>"bleach" == bleach  <wrl@BellSouth.net> writes:

bleach> As to a general opinion concerning stability, the hamm base
bleach> system has not given me any trouble.  The problems that I have
bleach> seen are most often related to installing or further upgrading
bleach> packages.

bleach> I suppose that like about anyone that is cocky enough to
bleach> believe that they "know their way around Unix (and therefore
bleach> Linux)", I several times used "force" with dpkg or
bleach> dselect--and usually regretted it.

	Heh. Yes, if you use "force", all bets are off. 

bleach> What I am finding with hamm however is that dependencies are
bleach> often not correct and that it seems that you must aften force
bleach> dselect.  This is definately an "uncomfortable" thing for me
bleach> now but unless there is something else that I am missing it is
bleach> required.

	That is not necesarrily the case. I run pure hamm (espescially
 since I re-installed hamm after loosing my disk (due to mechanical
 failure). I have 999 packages, done using dselect, all except the
 following, which depend on elf-x11r6lib (which is gone now, these
 packages are sadly out of date). Except for these 8 packages, no
 "force" was used. And these are the only packages to show up on my
 problems list.
 *** Opt contrib/ xosview      Fun to watch CPU/network usage programme         
 *** Opt contrib/ xtar-smotif  xtar - Motif front end for tar, with static libXm
 *** Opt libs     tk40         The Tk toolkit for TCL and X11 v4.0 - Run-Time Pa
 *** Opt libs     tk41         The Tk toolkit for TCL and X11 v4.1 - Run-Time Pa
 *** Opt non-free xarchie      X11 browser interface to archie                  
 *** Opt non-free chimera      X11 World-Wide Web Client                        
 *** Opt non-free xforms-dev   GUI Toolkit for X Window Systems                 
 *** Opt non-free xforms0.86   GUI Toolkit for X Window Systems                 

	I am sorry for your problems, but Hamm does work -- as long as
 you don't second guess the system when you do not know what you are
 doing. (ignoring dependencies on elf-x11r6lib is the only thing I'd
 suggest is safe).

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