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Re: PPP and Linux

> I have installed Linux, and think that it is really great!  There are a
> couple of things that I would like to do.  Firstly, I would like to be able
> to get my Linux side to answer the phone, and if the user logs in OK, create
> a PPP connection so that they would be able to load a WWW browser and look
> at my HTML pages.  Please could you give me more info about this.


There is PPP-HOWTO fro detailed explainations of the provedure.
A few Debian tweaks are that you just have to edit your
/etc/ppp.options_out to put correct device for your modem (like
/dev/ttyS1) AND (if your ISP uses PAP authorization) add "user <username>"
on the same line of this file. (Put your real username there).
Edit ppp.chatscript file to fit the prompts and responses of your ISP.
This could be the most difficult part. You might have dial your ISP
using minicom first to learn all the prompts you'll see and responses you
should give.

Put the line:
<username>  *  <password>
into /etc/ppp/pap-secrets file (if you are using PAP).
Start it with "pon" command. log off with "poff".
And yes, you must have ppp support enabled into kernel - either by
recompiling it or obtaining a ppp.o module.

Hope this helps.

Alex Y.
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