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Installing Debian 1.3 on Eurocom laptop


I tried to install Debian 1.3 on my laptop : EUROCOM 6200. I already
installed Debian on my previous laptop with no problems. I read the
installation guide and several Linux HOWTO (Hardware Compatibility,
Laptop, PCI ...) and I couldn't find any clue.

First the technical specifications of my laptop (Eurocom 6200):
Processor : Intel P166 MMX
RAM : 32MB
HardDrive : Toshiba 1.4 GB
Motherboard :
The motherboard is designed mainly based on Pentium CPU and the SiS510*
chipsets, which include the following features:
6200 Motherboard
Model: 71-62000-D07B
Features include:

SiS 5101 PCI Cache Memory Controller
SiS 5102 PCI Local Data Buffer
SiS 5103 System I/O & Power Management
SMC FDC37C669FR PC95/96 Compatible Super I/O
Floppy Disk Controller with Infrared Support
Omega 82C094 PCI-to-PCMCIA Host Adapter Controller
ESS ES1788 AudioDrive
ESS ES690 Wave Table Music Synthesizer
ESS ES981 Wave Table Sample Set ROM
Trident Cyber 9385 Flat Panel Controller for PCI systems 66 MMX

I made the Rescue Disk (with resc1440.bin) and I boot my laptop with it,

this is what I get :
Loading root.bin...
Loading linux...
Uncompressing linux....done
Console 16 point...
Console ...
pcibios_init: BIOS32 Service Directory Structure...
pcibios_init: BIOS32 ...
pcibios_init: ...
Probing PCI Hardware
Warning : Unknown PCI device (1039:5107)...

An then nothing... I keep waiting for 10 minutes and I figured out that
linux is not booting.
I tried the boot disk in the special directory (v30) with no success.
After reading the HOW-TO I went in the BIOS setup, there is no options
to Disable/Enable Shadow Memory.

I have installed Debian several times on desktop and laptop computers,
but I have never seen something like that.

Laurent Andriantsiferana
Telecommunications and Software Engineering Research Group
School of Information Technology and Engineering, University of Ottawa
andrian@csi.uottawa.ca | http://www.site.uottawa.ca/~andrian
Tel: (613)562-5800 x6873 Fax: (613)562-5187

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