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Re: Pine

On Mon, 01 Dec 1997 11:13:51 EST, "Jeremy Blonde" wrote:
> I'm trying to setup pine and so far I can't figure a couple of things out.
> I want it to download email from my isp.  Right now I don't care about local
> mail (I'll work with that later).  However I keep getting a imap error?  I
> have the domain set correctly (cardina.net, see email address below).  And I
> have the smtp server set to mail.cardina.net (obviously our mail server).
> But what should I have for my inbox path {mail.cardina.net}?.  Am I missing
> something else?  Do I need smail correctly configured?  If so, what do I
> need to edit.  Also for some reason when and email is sent to
> root@jeremy.cardina.net (I have static ip) it doesn't go to my inbox, it
> goes to the sysadmin's.  Any help would be appreciated.

As mentioned by someone undoubtedly more knowledgable than myself, pine 
doesn't deliver mail from your remote server to your local box.  I'm 
not familiar with getting your static ip host to deliver your mail, but 
if you can do that, go for it.  You have many alternatives, even if use 

Up until last week, I used pine remotely (via dynamic ip unix shell 
account telnet session).  Now I use fetchmail as a Mail Transport 
Agent(to get my mail from my isp's mailspool to my box), procmail to 
deliver my mail locally and filter my mail into individual exmh (my 
mail program) folders (filtering is very sweet, pretty easy to 

While I have sendmail for outgoing messages, it is not used for local 
delivery (although i could set that up).  The reason sendmail doesn't 
handle local delivery is that it's a bitch to configure, while procmail 
is a comparative walk in the park. By using procmail for local message 
delivery, I make a small tradeoff in the rate of message delivery to 
exmh folders, but I usually can't read faster than procmail can deliver 
(exception: spam and the messages my isp sends to tell me I've exceeded 
my soft time limit :-).

Here are a couple links I used to help me configure that stuff last 

This sounded complicated when I started, but due to the excellent 
examples at the links above, it was relatively painless.  The faqs 
(homepages), docs (/usr/doc), exmh mailing list were also helpful, and 
as usual the man pages were .. well, you know .. :-)

David Stern

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