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I'm trying to setup pine and so far I can't figure a couple of things out.
I want it to download email from my isp.  Right now I don't care about local
mail (I'll work with that later).  However I keep getting a imap error?  I
have the domain set correctly (cardina.net, see email address below).  And I
have the smtp server set to mail.cardina.net (obviously our mail server).
But what should I have for my inbox path {mail.cardina.net}?.  Am I missing
something else?  Do I need smail correctly configured?  If so, what do I
need to edit.  Also for some reason when and email is sent to
root@jeremy.cardina.net (I have static ip) it doesn't go to my inbox, it
goes to the sysadmin's.  Any help would be appreciated.


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