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Re: Pine

On Mon, 1 Dec 1997, Bossman Construction wrote:

> How do I setup pine to use fetchmail or vice versa.  I can get fetchmail to
> download the messages, but do I now need to link pine to look in the inbox
> folder that fetchmail makes?  Where is the downloaded mail stored when using
> fetchmail?
> Jeremy
> jeremy@cardina.net
> http://www.cardina.net/~jeremy

fetchmail doesn't actually put mail messages anywhere - what it does is
download them and then send them through smtp at the local host.  If
you've set up smail so that you can receive messages locally, then just
delete whatever value pine is trying to use as the inbox, so that it goes
back to the default.  However, if you have smail set up as the "satellite"
option, then you may be forwarding all messages back to your ISP, which
fetchmail will then download, and...

This is bad.  In general a big warning should probably accompany the
"satellite" option of smailconfig, as it really isn't appropriate for
one's home computer, yet people seem to think that it is.

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