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PPP kill problem

My telephone has an answering service which beeps if I have messages when
I pick up the receiver.  This is the same phone I use for the computer.
If I forget to check the line, or if there is a time out disconnect, and
there is a message(hence a beep beep beep) the scripts setoff by PON will
not run correctly.  Stopping PON is  difficult because a normal KILL is to
slow.   PON will have already stopped because of the carrier detect
falure, but will come back in little while with a different PID.  Kill -9
works at stopping PON, but does not release the LOCK on ttyS1.  I release
the Lock by hand or sometimes by starting minicom which does it for me.
This is all kind of a pain in the butt.
There are two solutions to this problem that I can think of.  I am not
sure how to do either, and would appreciate help in learning.
If possible please tell me both solutions as this will increase my
Solution A:  Find a way of killing the PID that also releases the lock
Solution B:  Edit the PON scripts so that they pause until the beeps are
done, and there is a clear line.

Any help is as always greatly appreciated.  



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