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Re: printer trouble

On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, E.L. Meijer (Eric) wrote:

> This system is mostly rex, with some bo additions:
> lpr:              5.9-13
> a2ps, apsfilter:  not installed
> gs-alladin:       4.03-7
> gs-fonts:         4.01-3
> I think the most important thing we have in common is gs-aladdin.  Can
> you print if you use the filte directly, like in `filter < bla.ps'?
> This works for me.

My printer is local, so printing through the filter has to send the output
back through stdout (at least with my setup).  I grabbed my
/var/lib/dpkg/status files from around the time of the failure, here's a
list of changes:

(Note, I was trying to install 10 different things, so this list will have
some random things on it.  Including some failed installs.)

svgalib-dummy installed, and later purged and replaced with svgalib1.
ddd installed (this was something that broke, so I was trying to fix it)
ncurses 3.4 installed
lpr 5.9.20, installed
workman, installed
mpg123, installed
xview, attempted to install but failed
xviewg, see above
xlib6g, another fail
libg++27, installed
playmidi, I think this failed too
bplay, installed
lesstifg, trying to get ddd from unstable
lesstif, needed a newer version

The only thing that should have an effect is lpr, so I downgraded it to
to 5.9.13.  The ps list now shows: 
gs -q -sDEVICE=cdj550 -sPAPERSIZE=letter ...
but the problem is still there: printer light blinks, nothing happens.

Also, I removed gs-aladin and installed plain gs.  No effect.

My next best guess is a complete purge and reinstall of the lpr, aps, etc.
But before that, I'll verify that it's not the printer from win95 (I
don't think I've had to use that for several months).


P.S. the postscript stuff seems to work, I can view with ghostview, create
with a2ps, etc.

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