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Re: DEITY TEAM -- one comment

> Francois Gouget writes:
> > Unfortunately in some cases it is not so simple to check for space
> > availability as /var may be on one partition, /usr on another and /lib
> > yet somewhere else.
> Should be doable.  "df" to get all the partitions and their capacities, "df
> /var", "df /usr", etc to get the filesystems containing these directories,
> and a script to sort it all out.

Does this mean that each package will have to list the space it requires in 
every directory and the packaging software will figure out if each of those 
directories is on a separate partition?

I have seen a user that had separate /var, /usr/lib, and /home partitions.  
Please figure out how much space to report for postgres and how it will be 

I think figuring out how much space is required for the installation may be more difficult than just doing 'df' on each partition and "sorting it all out."
Lamar Folsom
"Life is wasted on the living."  - The Master

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