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Re: DEITY TEAM -- one comment

Lamar Folsom writes:
> Does this mean that each package will have to list the space it requires
> in every directory...

It would be sufficient to provide the complete path and size of each file.

> ...and the packaging software will figure out if each of those
> directories is on a separate partition?

'df /some/arbitrary/path/to/some/directory' reports which partition that
directory is on.

> I have seen a user that had separate /var, /usr/lib, and /home
> partitions.  Please figure out how much space to report for postgres and
> how it will be reported.

Please supply a list of paths to each file with the size of each file.  The
report could take many different forms: for instance, a list of partitions
giving the free space that will remain on each after installing postgres.

> I think figuring out how much space is required for the installation may
> be more difficult than just doing 'df' on each partition and "sorting
> it all out."

First, I was talking about figuring out how much space is *available*.
Second, I did not propose doing 'df' on each partition, but on each
directory in which the package under consideration would put stuff.  'df
/var/lib/games' tells me what partition /var/lib/games is on, and how much
free space it has.  This would allow me to build a little database to which
the package manager could direct queries such as 'If I put 17M in
/var/lib/games and 2.1M in /usr/bin, how much space will be left on each
partition?'.  This could be used to provide the user with a report showing
him how much space he has left after each selection.
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