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Re: DEITY TEAM -- one comment

Francois Gouget writes:
> Unfortunately in some cases it is not so simple to check for space
> availability as /var may be on one partition, /usr on another and /lib
> yet somewhere else.

Should be doable.  "df" to get all the partitions and their capacities, "df
/var", "df /usr", etc to get the filesystems containing these directories,
and a script to sort it all out.

> Yet for most newbie installations it should be no problem (just one
> partition anyway),...

Why do you think so?  They will have been strongly advised to partition.

> ...those that made up many partitions probably already know what the
> space requirements will be.


> Otherwise how did they decide on the partition sizes !

The same source that told them to partition will also have suggested
sizes.  They may also have multiple disks.
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