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Re: DEITY TEAM -- one comment

On Thu, 17 Apr 1997, Lamar Folsom wrote:

> > Francois Gouget writes:
> > > Unfortunately in some cases it is not so simple to check for space
> > > availability as /var may be on one partition, /usr on another and /lib
> > > yet somewhere else.
> > 
> > Should be doable.  "df" to get all the partitions and their capacities, "df
> > /var", "df /usr", etc to get the filesystems containing these directories,
> > and a script to sort it all out.
> Does this mean that each package will have to list the space it requires in 
> every directory and the packaging software will figure out if each of those 
> directories is on a separate partition?

It does this already, doesn't it. I can see all the file sizes when I
browse a .deb file in mc.

> I have seen a user that had separate /var, /usr/lib, and /home partitions.  
> Please figure out how much space to report for postgres and how it will be 
> reported.

df on its own produces a list of mounts and their available space which
can be reverse sorted by mount. Given a file to install, a forward search
for the first matching start of the path tells you which available space
to decrement, because the most specific match will be found first.

> I think figuring out how much space is required for the installation
> may be more difficult than just doing 'df' on each partition and
> "sorting it all out."

This calculation seems to me to be just what computers were invented for.
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