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Re: Packages

bhogan@rahul.net (Bill Hogan)  wrote on 22.02.96 in <[🔎] m0tpYIQ-0003luC@bedlam.rahul.net>:

>     Beyond that I must say I think the idea handing out fake Debian
> passports for the purpose of smuggling non-Debian software across the
> Debian border is one of the worst ideas I have come across in a long
> time; all it achieves it to once again open the door to the very kinds
> of problems which the Debian `dpkg' package management system was
> designed to keep out.

"Handing out passports"? That's ... umm ... an _interesting_ notion. A  
little weird, maybe.

All this is about is book-keeping. Installing a Slackware package as  
Slackware package means that there is absolutely no record of what you  
have done; if, for example, it overwrites an important file, it will be  
*very* hard to find out.

Installing it via a detour of making it into a Debian package means that  
you now have a chance to find out what happened, and you have a chance to  
undo it.

As I recall, that was the original motivation for this thread.

And quite obviously, if you convert a package on your own, then you're  
still on your own with the results - hardly surprising.

MfG Kai

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