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Re: Hot software (sorry) and Debian 0.93R6

Otmar Lendl writes:
> So, what do you think: Should I invest time in getting .93R6 set up
> in all respects or should I simply wait for a stable ELF release
> and continue to use my old setup ? I really don't want to upgrade
> twice in the near future.

Well, all of the packages are "in-place upgradable", so very little of the 
time you spend customizing your setup will be wasted.

> Or is there a painless way to get a elf 2.7 gcc + libs on a 0.93R6 system ?
> I don't mind running a mixed system as I'm far from being short on RAM.

There's a way to do it that I seem to have deleted.  It will be made more 
painless in the future, of course.

I believe it went along the lines of:
install new ldso
install libc5
run dpkg -r libc
install libc4 (which will then replace your old libc)

At this point, you should pretty much be able to run both binaries.  Upgrading 
your core compiler/binutils/headers and such should give you an elf development
system.  Of course, even though it's worked before, it's still caveat empor ;)

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