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Re: Packages

rdm@gopher.legislate.com (Raul Miller)  wrote on 22.02.96 in <[🔎] m0tpkoy-0006iQC@rdm.legislate.com>:

> But, this business about the install script not running (the
> administrator wanted to skip the slackware install entirely and some
> script didn't get renamed to fit with the debian naming convention for
> the post-install script) implies that the focus has shifted to
> efficient mass-installation of slackware packages.

Well, if you (generic you here) want "efficient installation of Slackware  
packages", then this script quite obviously won't do it - it just *adds*  
another step.

> If all you want to do is register the binaries, that script is fine.

That's what it was written for - as well as show what the bare essentials  
of building a .deb are.

> If it's a but that that script doesn't create an package which
> automatically runs the post install script, people are thinking that
> slackware packages should be trivial to install on debian systems.

Well, that's obviously another thing this script doesn't help at all with  
- it doesn't make installing a Slackware package one bit easier.

> Once more: if all this is is bookkeeping then the slackware install
> script is a non-issue.  If this is about creating valid debian
> packages then there's a lot more to it than just the slackware install
> script.

Originally, I intended to call that something like tar2deb - until I  
remembered that that tar file had to be relative to root. Slackware  
packages were, and started the thread, so that's what it got called.

However, converting a tar.gz is all that it's about.

And if anybody wants to know, I haven't installed a single Slackware  
package on my Debian system. (I still keep my old Slackware root partition  
for emergencies, but I need it very rarely.)

As far as I am concerned, unless Slackware cleans its act up a lot (like  
building on .deb or another serious base), it would better die.

MfG Kai

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