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Re: New xpm package...

Michael Alan Dorman writes:
> In message <[🔎] 199602212305.RAA10178@hp-47.cae.wisc.edu>, Carl V Streeter writes:
> >Michael Alan Dorman writes:
> >>  3e451a56df398db562b8bcb6ec9516c6  xpm-3.4g-2.tar.gz
> >>  263234a843486ad1b1d5715c90228f5f  xpm-3.4g-2.diff.gz
> >>  78fbf5e43f6c828e9aa6e8fb0b6fd239  xpm4.7-3.4g-2.deb
> >>  34b38d7587c2cd5c2931f67a707114a3  xpm4.7-dev-3.4g-2.deb
> >The .tar and .diff should (probably) be named after the package name.
> >This is to trivial for me to consider it a bug ;)
> While it's appropriate for this package, what about, say, ncurses,
> where some of the .deb files have to reflect the soname of the library
> but the majority don't?

Good question, but if we're (potentially) going to keep around shared libs
with different sonames, we should keep the source to both around.  The
(arguably) easiest way would be to encode the soname in *all* packages, and then
when a new set of binaries (or whatnot) came out, have it conflict with the 
previous one.

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