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Re: Packages

bhogan@rahul.net (Bill Hogan)  wrote on 20.02.96 in <[🔎] m0toqwT-0003luC@bedlam.rahul.net>:

>     [remainder of shell script elided -- please see original]
>     I did that and it gave me this:

Umm ... why on earth do you include the script that everyone could have  
had from the shar archive?!

>     AFAICT, this script will accept any `.tar.gz' file whatsoever,
> unpack it under $work, create the file $work/DEBIAN/control, and then
> merely feed the entire $work directory tree to `dpkg-deb', resulting
> in a `.deb' file structure that can be read by `dpkg'.

Right. That means that the original archive must have its pathnames  
relative to the root directory for this to have any use. Slackware  
packages follow that convention, most .tar.gz probably won't.

Anyway, from looking at this, it should be sort of obvious how it works.

MfG Kai

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