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Re: Nåt trevligt verktyg...

> Finns det nåt trevligt verktyg som loggar vart alla filer hamnar när man
> gör en "make install" på nåt paket som _inte_ har nån "make uninstall"?
> 	/Daniel

$ man make 2>/dev/null | grep -C -- '-n'
            With no argument, removes a previous load limit.

       -n   Print the commands that would be executed, but do not
            execute them.

       -W file
            Pretend that the target file has just been  modified.
            When used with the -n flag, this shows you what would
            happen if you were to modify that file.  Without  -n,
            it  is  almost the same as running a touch command on
            the given file before running make, except  that  the


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