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Re: Nåt trevligt verktyg...

Daniel Swärd wrote:
> Finns det nåt trevligt verktyg som loggar vart alla filer hamnar när man
> gör en "make install" på nåt paket som _inte_ har nån "make uninstall"?
>         /Daniel

"stow" skulle kanske kunna vara något?

Description: Organiser for /usr/local/ hierarchy
 GNU Stow helps the system administrator organise files under
 by allowing each piece of software to be installed in its own tree
 /usr/local/stow/, and then using symlinks to create the illusion that
 all the software is installed in the same place.

Annars kan möjligen "checkinstall" fungera:
Description: CheckInstall installations tracker, version 1.5.1
 CheckInstall keeps track of all the files created or
 modified by your installation script ("make install"
 "make install_modules", "setup", etc), builds a
 standard binary package and installs it in your
 system giving you the ability to uninstall it with your
 distribution's standard package management utilities.

// Emil

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