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Re: Please enable people to help you in packaging

On Tue, Mar 20, 2012 at 10:14:10PM +0900, Norbert Preining wrote:
> On Di, 20 Mär 2012, Frank Küster wrote:
> > Is there some script to check for bugs with a maintainer answer but no
> > second mail by the submitter?
> As said, I have the tendency to close *every* bug with no activity
> for more than 6month, it is just a waste of time.

Eh, no, you do not. I have now looked at enough bugs to see that quite
often, both the submitter and the TeX maintainers agree that nothing
will be done - then the bug is marked as 'wontfix' and left open.

Other exmaple: #492932. This bug is fixed in SVN for over 3 years!  The
only thing to do is just uploading the package.

Sometimes, one has to stop working and sharpen the axe in order to

> I hardly use BTS, as said, for TeX Live, since there are too many
> bug hindering the view onto real problems, most of which are not 
> real bugs or are simply wontfix (due to whatever reason)

The problem with so many bugs is that you won't get any help like
that. Nobody is willing to wade through 10 year old bug reports just to
find out that they were marked wontfix 8 years ago.


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